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It’s the Mokka-e

Pure driving pleasure


Stance and proportion
The new Mokka-e and its ground-breaking design leads the way for the future of Opel. Every line and curve, from the poised crossover silhouette to the strong graphic identity, speaks of confidence. Mokka-e makes an unmistakably bold statement, a vehicle that stands out from the crowd with self-assurance and individual style. 
Dare to be different 
Discover a space transformed by a new direction in German design. The interior has been given a full digital detox, taking the driving experience to a new level - further enhanced by unique combinations of fabrics, decor elements and headliners to suit your style. 
Bold from every angle
However you look at it, on Mokka-e you’ll find daring design choices and progressive feature accents. From the powertrain right down to the sculpted Eco-LED Tail Lamps that harmoniously echo the signature Vizor, there’s always more to discover. 
Extraordinary as standard

You can take Mokka-e’s striking signature wheels or make it personal with a range of stylish 16", 17" or 18" alloys1. Nothing says you’re ready to see and be seen like the perfect accessory, and with these wheels Mokka-e looks as smooth as it drives.


1 Optional.

Personal style

Stand out of the crowd with unique design elements. Mokka-e already looks like nothing else on the road, and you can personalize your individual road-presence with your choice of roof1 and hood1 options such as the cabin-maximizing sunroof1.


1 Optional.

The new icon
The Vizor is Opel’s iconic new signature feature. It sleekly integrates many front-end devices, sensors and functions into a single, dramatically sculptural array that is at the forefront of Opel vehicle design, both literally and emotionally. 

Safety & innovations

Matrix LED Headlamps

IntelliLux LED® Matrix Lights1 provides excellent visibility in every situation, allowing you to drive with the comfort and clarity of powerful high beams without dazzling other drivers.


1 Optional.

Automatic Cruise Control
Automatic Cruise Control1, 2 means that you don’t have to compromise on safety to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing drive. It accelerates and brakes automatically to help keep a consistent distance from the vehicle in front at all times. 

1 Optional. Activation possible from 30 km/h to 180 km/h.

2 Opel driver assistance systems are intended to support the driver within the limitations intrinsic to the system. The driver remains responsible for the driving task.

Automatic Emergency Braking
As part of a full suite of Driver Assistance features, including Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning, Mokka-e’s Automatic Emergency Braking system monitors the road ahead for vehicles and pedestrians, helping to avoid or significantly reduce collision damage. At 30 km/h and under, the speed at which most collisions occur, Mokka-e’s Automatic Emergency Braking will even bring the vehicle to a full stop. At higher speeds the system will slow the vehicle by up to 50 km/h, significantly reducing the impact of a collision. 
Digital Cluster

The sophistication and simplicity of Mokka-e is crystal clear in the Opel Pure Panel. Cleanly streamlined, the customizable 12“ Driver Instrument Cluster1 gives you all the information you need without clutter or interference. Visually distracting elements are eliminated, leaving only seamless digital control.


1 Optional.

180° Panoramic Rear View Camera

A panoramic camera1 gives you a 180° augmented rear view that detects and highlights nearby objects and lets you see traffic coming from the sides of the vehicle - particularly useful when reversing into traffic.


1 Optional.

Park Assist
Make perfect parking look easy. Mokka-e’s Advanced Park Assist1, 2 controls the wheel to guide you in while you simply take care of the brake and accelerator. The system will help find a spot by telling you if a space is big enough, search the immediate area for overlooked spaces, and guide the vehicle back out into the street afterwards. 

1 Optional.

2 Opel driver assistance systems are intended to support the driver within the limitations intrinsic to the system. The driver remains responsible for the driving task.

Premium comfort

Advanced comfort

Mokka-e makes every journey more interesting - and with its supportively sculpted seats1 and driver-seat massage function1, it makes them more relaxing too. Travel in comfort, arrive in style.


1 Optional.

Heated features

On a cold day, few things are more luxurious that a warm seat. Set Mokka-e’s front seats1 to three levels of cosines, while the driver enjoys an electrically heated wheel1


1 Optional.

Mokka-e’s spacious cabin and ingenious features means you’re ready for wherever the road takes you, whether that’s with a large load or the whole family plus luggage. The rear seats can be folded down in a ratio of 40:60 to significantly increases the cargo space and give flexible load-through options. 


Opel’s state-of-the-art Navi touchscreen will guide you on the possible route, complete with real-time traffic updates, the nearest charging stations, and how charging spots are currently free at any location. Choose between the Multimedia Navi Pro with 10" display1 and Live Navigation Services2 and the Multimedia Navi with 7" display1

1 Optional.

2 Live Navigation Services include Online Traffic, Fuel Prices, Parking Information, Online POI Search, Online POI Search for Charging Stations, Weather and Road Safety Alerts (Not available in Germany or Switzerland).

Mokka-e is the place to be, with full Apple CarPlayTM1 and Android AutoTM2, 3 compatibility, smart assistant4, native Bluetooth® streaming5, USB ports, and a six-point sound system for rich, immersive music on the go.  

1 Apple CarPlay™ and Apple Siri™ are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

2 Android Auto™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

3 Compatibility and certain functionalities may differ depending on type of device and version of operating system. To check the compatibility of your device, go to, or, or contact your Opel retailer.

4 Optional.

5 Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. 

Wireless charging
To keep your Mokka-e a spacious and uncluttered oasis of digital detox, you can charge your enabled devices using integrated wireless charger1. In-built rapid-movement detection failsafes prevent wireless overload damage to your device batteries while driving over bumpy surfaces.  

1 Optional. May require an accessory for the smartphone. Inductive charging only with PMA or Qi compatible smartphones. To check compatibility, contact your Opel retailer.
OpelConnect services1
A smart range of services delivering a new degree of safety and support helps you stay connected on the road – also when driving electric.   
  • Peace of mind: Emergency Call, Breakdown Call and Vehicle Status and Information. 
  • Convenience: Remote functions for door locks, horn and lights2, Open and Start with Smart Access2. Our additional services for electric vehicles: e-Remote Control, Trip Planner and Charging Pass – we keep you going! 
  • Smart Driving: Enjoy a relaxed ride thanks to Live Navigation and Trip and Drive Management. 


1 OpelConnect Services availability differ from country to country and vehicle to vehicle. Services might require a subscription/fee and are subject to mobile network coverage and availability.

2 Introduction planned end of 2020.